MAGES - Math Applet Generator for Elementary School

Created by Jeffrey Gordon using Javascript and the Phaser open source HTML5 game framework.

Published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License. user Skorpio's Spaceship Construction Kits were used to create the spaceships as well as the space station. user Clint Bellanger's spark particles are used in the battle sequence.

The background nebula was taken by the Hubble Telescope and is in the Public Domain.

The background stars on the web page come from Opengameart user np4gamer.

The portraits come from the FLARE Portrait Pack which was created in the Creative Commons Fantasy Portrait Marathon.

Mages is designed to be used as a general canvas to build math applets for HTML5-based educational software. The current goal is to develop the widgets necessary to build a 4th grade curriculum. Mages is currently in an alpha state, and no support for its use is offered by the author, Jeffrey Gordon. Use it at your own risk.