Barnyard Roundup

Created by Jeffrey Gordon using Javascript and the Phaser open source HTML5 game framework.

Published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

Thanks to user ryan.dansie for his public domain Round Animals Pack that I used to create the game pieces.

The title background is by David Ball from July, 2005, and was found in the Wikimedia Commons. His description reads:
"A pastoral farm scene on the Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, Michigan. The barn was built in 1912 by Floyd Jamieson. (ref: Evelyn Johnson, Barns of Old Mission Peninsula and Their Stories, 2007, Book Marketing Solutions, pp. 70-71.)

The title theme is called Grassy World Overture and is by Matthew Pablo

The game theme is from opengameart user cynicmusic and is called Town Theme.

The rotate and flip sounds are from opengameart user artisticdude.

The UI sounds are from opengameart user ViRiX.